Operation Bald Eagle 2016

The Wall

What's in the Pot?

Around 450 Scouts and Leaders, from Hereford and Worcester and Gloucestershire, plus 4 teams from Warwickshire, enjoyed a busy and exciting weekend at this event at Rhydd Covert campsite.

Friday evening saw scouts scurrying through the bushes and getting quite messy as they identified hidden objects in boxes of gooey substances. Saturday was spent completing 30 active bases spread around the site – all new activities which, judging by the laughter and groans, proved  challenging but achievable. After an evening meal, darkness descended and the Night Hike began: again with new bases ranging from Pokemon to Pipes to the Wall.  It was after midnight before the staff breathed a sigh of relief as all Scouts, and Leaders were safely back on site, still munching burgers and hot dogs.

The Winners - 2nd Twyning
with Ann Clark, Chair of thge organising Committee


This event was the best for many a long year, and with the new additions to the staff team can only continue to develop.

This event is only possible with the imagination and practical help of a great Staff team and all Scout Leaders pitching in and running bases., and of course the Scouts who all Do Their Best.

2017 sees the 30th Operation Bald Eagle event – Look out for further details.

Blind Maze

Rubik Cube